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Website, An Introduction

Hi everyone, I am Logesh and I am web designer and teaching is my passion. Let’s jump into the topic . In this article you are going to learn about following stuffs. What is Internet?Website and it's types.How Website works?How to create a Website? I know you probably read those topics in 1000s of tutorial sites or on YouTube. I just put those stuffs in my way.

What is Internet? In very simple words, Interconnections of computer networks is called Internet. You may have a question, what is Computer Networks? Well we are not going to discuss much about it. A very simple definition for computer networks is group of  connected computers in a network to share data  and resources like text files, document files, images videos, songs, printers, storage space. Why Internet ? Internet used to connect people globally. You can able to communicate and share stuffs with people easily with emails and  social medias like facebook, twitter, forums and so on. It contains lot of resources and many …

Everything about Web Design Production

Hi everyone, if you are completely new to the web design / development I suggest you to read my previous article which is gives brief introduction to website development and how websites work. To read, click here. If you have knowledge about it just skip and read the below article. Introduction Web design is nothing but designing a web page with several aspects like typography, images, graphics and etc. As a web designer, you have to take care of your websites UI & UX.

There are several methods followed by various companies to design a website / webpage. In this article I am going to discuss what I prefer and one of the most using methods in industries. The workflow is mentioned in following illustration.

Fig: Web Design Workfolow  WorkflowSketch / WireframeLayoutCode [HTML, CSS and javaScript]  Sketch / Wireframe Before you start design a webpage, you should get a clear idea about the structure of the website, like where the navigation, logo, your web page's contents and mor…